Our Services

Our Traffic and Road Safety Solutions meet international standards and best practice both in design and installation ensuring practical usage, durability and project sustainability. Our goal is to be a major contributor in the move towards zero fatalities on our roads, highways and parking areas.

Traffic Safety Solutions

Our Services include the design, supply and installation of:

With specialist equipment and well-trained personnel, we execute durable projects for the Federal and State Governments, local authorities, commercial clients and private customers with marking systems available to suit a wide variety of surface types.
Rocsol design team is available to ensure that services are tailor-made to meet unique expectations. Our major materials for marking are thermoplastic marking materials, acrylic or solvent based paints, cold plastic paint and pre-formed thermoplastic.

At Rocsol, we carry out comprehensive highway projects such as center & edge lines, worded markings, stop and give-way markings, bus and cycle lane markings, chevrons, waiting and loading restrictions, parking bays, hatched box junctions and other floor symbols.

At Rocsol, we fully understand the importance of runway and helipad markings which is to safely guide pilots as they take-off, land, and taxi around the runways and helipads. As a leading traffic safety solutions and airport maintenance firm in the country, we realise that crisp, clean, highly visible airfield markings are imperative to meeting the incredibly high levels of airport safety requirements today.

It is also important that runway and helipad markings are carried out in strict compliance with approved standards. In order to achieve this priority, we execute our projects using

    • High quality, durable airport marking paint
    • High performance glass beads for retro-reflectivity
    • The right equipment to ensure efficiency and effectiveness

Our team of professional traffic safety engineers have gained years of experience in airfield markings within and outside Nigeria. The quality of our work, and our delivery times are second to none. At Rocsol, we know every airfield is different, hence, we have tailor made solutions prescribed to meet the needs of our clients and their facilities thereby reducing time and money spent on such projects while ensuring the overall safety of the users of the airfields.

Car park solutions are an essential part of an effective parking lot system. At Rocsol, we have gained experience in planning, designing, installation and marking of various indoor and outdoor car parks for schools, hotels, airports, sports and recreation centres, industrial and public buildings. Standard parking solutions include car park markings, vehicle stoppers, speed bumps, corner guards, convex mirrors and signage.

Car park markings commonly include delineations, disabled parking, regulatory signs, customized lettering, arrows and directional signs.

Our high performing, quick dry, long lasting thermoplastic road
marking materials are manufactured to meet international standards. At Rocsol, we have gone the extra mile to provide our clients with products that are ideal for use in tropical regions and at very competitive prices.

Rocsol thermoplastic materials are manufactured in either white or yellow. However, other colours are available on demand.

Traffic lights control systems are signalling devices positioned at road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control competing flows of traffic.

We make use of high quality LED traffic signal heads which maximize energy savings while reducing maintenance costs. They can be powered by using the electricity grid or using solar systems depending on the prevailing environmental and project requirements.

Our traffic lights can be programmed to optimize traffic flow and we have a wide range of accessories in stock to help guarantee that your project is a success.
A standard signalized intersection consists of LED vehicular signal heads, galvanized steel poles, countdown timers, LED pedestrian signal heads, programmable controllers with GPS, vehicle presence detectors, solar panels and batteries (for solar powered variants).

Traffic Safety Signs are installed at roadsides and overhead, as a means of passing useful information to road users. At Rocsol, we offer a full selection of high quality road traffic signs ranging from warning, regulatory and informative signs.

Street identification (naming) and house numbering are an integral part of organized societies and are used to identify roads and residential/commercial buildings on such roads.

We use the best quality materials (aluminium reinforced with metal braces and covered with reflective sheets) in order to provide information more efficiently to road users and the general public.

We produce and install signs that have a lifespan of 5-10 years as they are weather and rust proof.

Traffic calming involves the installation of safety solutions to slow or reduce traffic speed in order to enhance road safety both for pedestrians and motorists. At Rocsol, we deliver top of the range traffic calming devices to suit the peculiar needs of our varied clients.

These devices are high quality, cost effective, customizable, durable and environmentally friendly.

Rocsol offers a wide range of safety devices that have been carefully designed and engineered to meet the needs of our clients. Our product line includes road studs (solar,plastic and aluminium), lane delineators, solar lamps, caution signs and tapes, cones, bollards, convex mirrors, safety apparels, reflective tapes, etc. Regardless of the challenges or peculiarities of your needs, we are ready to deliver value adding products and long lasting solutions.

The contribution of street lights to the security of lives and property, safety of motorist and pedestrians at night, and beautification of the environment in any community cannot be over emphasized.

The Integrated Solar Street Light (ISSL) is the latest in solar street lighting technology and its functionality, ease of use, and construction make it an ideal solution for cost effective street and perimeter lighting systems. This innovative solar street light design is composed of solar panels, lithium ion batteries, light sensor control, battery charge controllers and LED lamps integrated into one beautifully crafted unit. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity which is stored in the battery via a charge controller.

Our ISSL are easy to install, require little or no maintenance, environmentally friendly and their compact design reduces the incidence of vandalism. They are also great value for your money.

We have LED lamps ranging from 12w-60w and provide 2-year warranty on our lighting systems.

The Rocsol I.S.S.L has been combined with inbuilt IP cameras in an innovative design that provides an extra layer of security at a fraction of the cost. The camera, designed as a component of the lights is not easily visible to passers by. The camera is solar powered, works for 24 hours and has the ability to retain videos for upwards of two weeks without having to back up the information. The primary components of our IP camera include a 1080p camera, 3.6mm wide angle lens, a high-resolution image sensor and image correction software that is integrated into the camera. Our ISSL security system is equipped with remote access hotspot capabilities (supports ios and android) and can be accessed wirelessly over the internet. This innovative feature ensures that users can view images and video recordings from any part of the world.

Rocsol Investment Limited is a specialist civil engineering construction contractor with the aim to become one of Nigeria’s leading players in the industry.

Whilst our field of expertise is the construction of civil engineering projects, we are also experienced project managers allowing us to construct and manage complex projects that require the coordination and understanding of all project disciplines.

Our approach is simple: to combine our expertise, culture and resources to meet customers’ requirements and project objectives.

Civil Engineering

Here are our major service areas:

Our team has a proven track record of successfully designing and permitting public and private sector projects for decades.

Our planning and landscape development team helps our clients effectively develop a strategy tailored to the needs, timeline and budget of each individual project.

We use a systematic process to envision the desired end result, translate the key goals and objectives, outline steps to achieve these goals, and help identify costly and time-consuming issues and manage them in advance.

Our Design Services provide quality and professional expertise for the naturally built environment, including works like roads, bridges, canals, public facilities and buildings.

Here are a few of our design and land development services:

  • Master Plans & DRIs
  • AutoCAD designs & modelling
  • Permits & Approvals
  • Facility Planning
  • Estimating and Scheduling Services
  • Project Planning & Documentation

We ensure client satisfaction by continually evolving to help guide our clients through today’s design, permitting, and construction challenges.

We are always available with the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment to meet any requirement in the field of general construction, civil construction, mechanical construction and public contracts.

Our quality management system ensures consistency both in approach and structural outcomes and deliverables. No matter how big or small the project, our customers are rest assured that work would be completed on time, within budget and to the best standards available in the industry.

Onsite, safe working conditions are a very high priority to us not only for our employees but our clients as well. Rocsol’s health and safety records are a direct result of a commitment to executing projects in an exceptionally safe and effective manner. We have assembled an experienced safety staff and developed and implemented an HSE Program to ensure that this commitment is maintained and continuously improved.

We are also relentless in minimizing the environmental impact of our work and have successfully imbibed it as a key component of our processes and methods. This not only enables us to deliver a dynamic and professional service to our customers but also gives the client the assurance that their interest is served to complete projects on time and to the required standards.

Our expertise and forward-thinking approach have earned us a reputation for undertaking construction and renovation work in some of Nigeria’s mostdemanding environments. From challenging terrains to projects in ecologically sensitive areas, our engineers relish the opportunity to develop innovative solutions for our clients.

Typically we focus on projects within the following construction sectors:

  • Personal Residences & Apartments
  • Hotels & Leisure Facilities
  • Schools Buildings
  • Road infrastructure
  • Energy & Power Structures
  • General Civil works

Once significant construction of a building is complete, Rocsol’s team continues to provide expert leadership and support.

We take great pride in maintaining solid client relationships well beyond owner-occupancy and realize that creating a building is an ongoing project that doesn’t just end when construction is complete.

In addition to extensive commissioning and project closeout programs, our post-construction phase includes operational and maintenance staff training and warranty review.

Our services include the following:

  • Execution of inspections, testing, and functional performance procedures performed during commissioning process.
  • Provision of equipment, tools, materials, and qualified commissioning team personnel required to complete functional performance tests.
  • Make needed repairs, calibrations, and adjustments to bring systems up to full acceptance levels.
  • Solicit cooperation from equipment vendors for the purpose of training of operations staff.
  • Provide accurate and complete Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals, Preventive Maintenance Manuals, and Training Manuals.

In an era of faster product cycles, global competition and increased risk of supply chain disruption, corporate leaders need to know how to use procurement–now often called supply management–as a competitive advantage. Purchasing and global sourcing can account for more than 50 percent of overall costs in many industries.

Procurement Outsourcing

As industries evolve, Rocsol works with clients to make procurement a strategic operation and realize the huge bottom-line impact.

We see opportunities for organizations to substantially reduce costs by centralizing or outsourcing various procurement processes from the purchase of day-to-day materials and long-term assets to the provision of complex services, such as freight forwarding and huge modular construction projects.

Our heritage lies in successfully managing complex business change programmes and transforming our clients’ approach to sourcing and supply chain management.

Rocsol Investment Limited works with suppliers locally and around the world to deliver the right materials and services on time and at the best price, leading to overall project success. Drawing on significant experience and relationships from credible suppliers in the Middle East, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Americas, our innovative procurement services provide a customized solution to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Our experienced sourcing professionals will work closely with you to increase value, improve your existing supplier relationships, reduce costs, optimize existing budgets and increase the efficiency of your operations by using proven sourcing and purchasing strategies, best practices, innovative technologies, and an unsurpassed database of market intelligence to help achieve the desired results.

To date, we have successfully fulfilled customer requests in the following areas;

  • Accessories and fittings for homes and office buildings
  • Wood products such as MDF and HDF
  • Agro allied equipment and machinery
  • Equipment for food processing
  • IT Equipment and Solutions
  • Medical equipment
  • Renewable energy systems such as solar panels, deep cycle batteries, inverters, et cetera.